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“Hello there, really liked”
4 juni 2022 19:06
I am writing you after I visited your personal account on Instagram and so I feel you would be a superb fit for my company. You have a lot of friends and I really think that you have the capability to develop your audience even more with a small piece of the guidance.

I'm seeking for social media experts who will aid me in order to advertise our product. We will compansate our acceptable customers over 50$ or, in certain cases, even more per post, and there is almost no limit to how many social posts you can do! Socialpaid most definitely is an really cool service with a large amount of perks for both customers as well as the service account holders.

I realize this may be percived like it's too awesome to be true, but we can assure you that this definitely works.

Deze beoordeling is een persoonlijke mening, niet die van Crasmedia B.V. zelf.

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